My Self Tan Routine

It’s so secret I love a good fake tan bc your girl is hella pale. I have never been in a tanning bed and never will! Honestly they terrify me and I’m not into skin damage or wrinkles… not the cutest look lol. I never really layout in the sun either, maybe once in a while but I always have SPF on. I also wear SPF daily on my face!! My bare face never sees the sun, it’s so pale but hey, it completely damage free! I know a lot of people argue the side that self-tanning is just a ton of chemicals but there are so many clean tanning products! One of the products I will talk about has the “Clean at Sephora” seal so you know there are no harsh chemicals!! When I was in grade school I would steal my mom’s Jergens glow lotion, I can’t be the only one!!! lol, it’s so funny, self-tanning has come a long way! I have been self-tanning for years now and have a killer routine. Following these steps is essential for a smooth and even self-tan. Nothing is worse than a patchy crusty self-tan, that’s actually frightening haha. So here is my go-to routine for glowy tan skin! I do this once a week!!

Step 1: Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate

Exfoliating and shaving before you self tan are crucial steps!!! I always do this the morning before or a whole day before I self-tan. This is so important because if you do to it right before you tan, your skin will be too soft and the tanner won’t stick to your skin as well. If you are an avid tanner, like me and do not have this product, you’re doing it wrong. Listen up, ladies!!! You need to be using the Loving Tan exfoliating glove, it’s revolutionary. It will literally remove your gross old spray tan so effortlessly. It’s so satisfying watching all the dead skin and self-tan rub right off! I will use this mitt and shave right after! I can’t imagine not doing this step, this mitt removes every trace of your old spray tan. It’s iconic.

Step 2: Apply Mousse to Body

I always always always do this before bed. I’m not sure how people can wear tanner during the day, I just like to let it soak in while I sleep. Plus you won’t smell like tanner all day! I start with my legs and work upward. I pump 2-3 dollops of product onto my mitt and work in circular motions. The self-tanner I use religiously is the St. Moriz mousse in Dark. I also love the Loving Tan mousse in Ultra Dark but it’s $30 more and they are basically the same thing. The St. Moriz one is only $12 and its bomb! Highly reccomend!

Step 3: Apply Face Tanning Drops

You can’t forget to show some tan love to yo face! I do not recommend using your body self-tanner on your face. In my experience, they tend to dry my face out super bad. However, I do recommend the Isle of Paradise tanning drops. I just add a few drops into my moisturizer and I’m all set! They really do a great job and won’t break you out, which is huge!!! For some reason, I feel like they help clear my skin. Not sure if this is actually true, but it appears to be!

Step 4: Rinse Off Color Guard

After sleeping overnight in my tanner I will do a quick rinse to remove the color guard. Most tanners have this color guard so you can see where you are putting the product but the tanner has developed underneath. So you will need to rinse it off! This is very important, DO NOT rinse with soap!!! Soap can strip your tan, so just water for now. The next time you shower you can use soap.

Step 5: Follow Up with a Moisturizer

Moisturizing is essential for the longevity of your tan! You just treated yourself to a nice tan, you want that baby to last. I like to use an in-shower moisturizer. It so easy, you just slap it on before you dry off and you’re set! seriously so simple and your skin is most susceptible to moisturizer when you’re wet! So it’s a win-win! I am currently using on from Jergins!

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If you are in a bind and forgot to self-tan or didn’t feel like putting in the effert.. lol I love the St. Moriz shimmer wash off self-tanner. It gives you instant color, does not smell, and washes off at the end of the night. It also won’t transfer to your clothes!!

I also recently purchased Sivan’s new tanning product so I’m excited to give that a try! I really hope you enjoyed my tanning routine! I always feel better with a tan and this routine helps me nail it every time! Next week I have a Shein haul coming your way, you won’t wanna miss it!! Make sure you are subscribed to my blog! Have an amazing weekend my love!!!

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