Beachy Keen

Hi guys!!! Happy Fri-YAY! I am so thrilled that it is finally the weekend because it has been such a long and stressful week! It feels so good to get back on my blog too after I have finally finished up my school work for this week! I had such and amazing spring break relaxing with Tommy and his family and it was so hard to transition back to class and work. This week was insane with assignments and projects. I actually taught my first lesson to a second grade class this week and it was truly amazing! It took a lot of preparation and planning but it was all worth it. It just validated that I cannot wait to become a teacher and opened my eyes to how I can really impact the lives of students. 

Okay now on to this adorable outfit!! I am sharing one of my outfits from dinner one night in Marco Island. Funny story actually….. So we were eating dinner at this really nice steak house. Our waitress came over and dropped off the bread and of course I immediately reach for it. Also side note, I’m not very blessed up top so I don’t have to wear bras very often, so I wasn’t wearing one lol I bet the suspense is killing you. As I reached for the bread my right strap totally snapped and half of my jumpsuit was starting to fall off!!!! Thank god I caught it in time before anyone could see the goods, SO EMBARRASSING but hey, it’s a funny memory to look back on! Tommy tied the strap back together and all was good! On that note… I am linking a similar jumpsuit below because I don’t want you want to buy a faulty one that could snap at any moment!!! 


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