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Boy have I got a good one for you today! This has been an exciting and busy week for me. I got invited back to my college to speak at an event about side hustles and startups, it was such a great experience sharing my knowledge and passion! I have also been working hard on this year’s gift guides and you guys are loving them! I really do work hard on them and it feels so good to see you guys actually buying from them! So exciting!!

I recently ordered a bunch of stuff from Shein. It is always hit or miss but this time was a major let down. I did a post like this last year and it was the best performing blog of the year! I decided to do it again because you guys liked it so much! I am going to break it down by what worked and what didn’t. I think I’m going to save the best for last and share what didn’t work first! I will link everything for you at the end!

What Didn’t Work

Bishop Sleeve Rib Knit // $15
Bishop Sleeve Rib Knit // $15

This sweater did not go so well… It looks way better in the photo than in real life. It was too small and the sleeves were not full length and it had a horrible odor. Not sure what was going on with that… lol and it wasn’t soft. No thank you…

Leopard Print Fuzzy Sweater // $17

I ran into the same problem with this sweater. The ODOR !!!! It was really gross… smelled like an actual armpit. This sweater looked nothing like the photo either. It was not fuzzy at all and it is called the “Leopard Fuzzy Sweater.” I am thinking they must have sent me the wrong item because it was way off!

Croc Embossed Baguette Bag // $8
Croc Embossed Baguette Bag // $8

This little bag had so much potential but wasn’t very small hahaha. In the picture, it appeared very tiny with very thin straps. Yeah.. not the case. I was way too big and did not give me the little bag vibe I was looking for. So sent this one back!!

Snakeskin Print Point Toe Ankle Boots // $27

I have bee wanting boots like this forever! I finally thought I found an affordable pair that looked pretty good. no No No NOOOO! they were straight-up orange!!!!!! The filter I put on the pic is helping it a lot, they need it lol. These were also a little too pointy for me. But I just couldn’t believe how different they looked than the picture! Save your money here.

What Worked

Heathered Grey Rib-Knit // $12

We finally had a winner! This grey top was so soft and fit perfectly. I am wearing a medium. I love the slight balloon sleeves and the ribbing detail. This will be perfect for layering under cardigans and teddy coats. Can’t beat the price point. Check this one out, such a great basic!

Twist Lock Croc Embossed Satchel Bag // $9
Twist Lock Croc Embossed Satchel Bag // $9

It’s actually so sad I had so many fails and only two items worked out. Whatever there’s always next time! I have been loving this little bag. This looked exactly like the picture and I have been using it nonstop. I really love it and it fits my stuff pretty well for being so small. Def check this one out! and for only $9!!! what a steal.

Everything is linked above if you want to check out these items. I would really only recommend the two that worked out but you might just wanna look at the pictures for fun bc they look so different haha! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and go check out my Holiday Gift Guides!!! Love you girls!!!

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