How I Edit My Instagram Photos!

I get sooo many DM’s asking how I edit my pictures to get that coveted, cohesive, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. Well, I am here on this chilly Thursday to spill allll my secrets, tips, and tricks with you! This is my second day off of student teaching this week due to the frigid temps, woohoo! So I’m all cozied up with my heater blanket on full blast! So grab a cup of coffee and lets edit!


So first and foremost, I edit all of my photos with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. I pay $10 a month for th Classic CC so I can edit on my laptop and with the app on my phone. But there is a free version that you can get on your phone so you don’t have to pay monthly! This is a pretty intense editor and you can change almost anything you want in a picture. There is a learning curve with Lightroom but once you get the hang of it you’ll be fine! I will link it HERE!


I use presets to edit all of my photos which is basically a filter that is compatible with Lightroom. Now the downfall is that you do have to purchase presets, that is if you want the good ones! There are free and cheaper options, which I have investigated but they never live up to my expectations.

I use the Aspyn Ovard Presets and I have the desktop pack which is $75. It comes with 5 different presets: beachy, dreamy, everyday, city, and sunshine. I use the DREAMY preset on all of the photos. She does not sell the presets individually so you have to buy the entire pack. I will link it HERE! Additionally, she has an Instagram pack created for the free app so you do not need a subscription to use! They are $50 and I will link them HERE!

I lover her presets because they make the colors pastel and luminius! I just like how it makes my skin look and overall I just reallly enjoy the colors. No preset is one size fits all, they are designed to be changed and played with. You will almost always have to make modifications, which are very easy! You can change almost any color in your picture. You really just have to mess around with it until you find what you like.

Now on to the fun part!! I will put a screen recording below showing exactly what I do but I will also write it out for you! This is what I do on every picture! The amount of changes I make depends on the particular photo.


  1. Upload photo
  2. Apply “Dreamy” preset
  3. Increase exposure
  4. Color: orange- increase luminance, decrease saturation if needed
  5. Color: yellow- increase luminance
  6. Slightly lower temperature


I really hope this was helpful for you! I think the video is the best way to see how everything works. So sorry for my sick voice, the little kiddos are getting me sick, yuck! Anywho, please DM me with any questions you may have, I am 100% here to help. Lightroom can be very difficult to navigate at first. Youtube is a great resource with thousands of editing tips! Good luck my loves! Stay warm!!!

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