My First Week of Student Teaching!

Where do I even begin?! It was a whirlwind of nervous yet excited feelings! My first week of student teaching went as smoothly as it possibly could have. I am placed in a first grade classroom with 25 cute kiddos! My University sets up their program different from other Universities in the sense that I have been at my placement all year. In the Fall I came once a week for pre-student teaching. Now I come every day, 5 days a week!!! This has allowed me to establish relationships with my students, understand the classroom routines, teach the curriculum, and just be comfortable in the classroom. Every time I came in the Fall I taught the math lesson, reading groups, and once in a while, social studies. This will make fully taking over the day so much easier because I am already confident teaching these parts of the day. I still take one class, Thursday nights if you were curious.

The night before my first day of official full-time student teaching, my cooperating teacher emailed me and let me know she wouldn’t be there. She said there will be a sub in the room but she wanted me to take the lead because I knew more about the everyday classroom routines and lessons. I let myself freak out for about 15 minutes but then reminded myself that I am fully capable of anything I set my mind to. I kept reminding myself that “I got this” and I did!! I never had anything to worry about at all. The day went so smoothly and the students were so excited to see me. Their smiling faces make waking up at 6:30 totally worth it. My first week has taught me that if you truly believe in yourself and believe you can accomplish anything, you’ll be amazed what you can do.

Over the course of student teaching, I aim to improve my classroom management and find what really works for me and my students. I am excited to start taking over the day so I can be creative and put my own spin on how the students are learning. I want them to be as hands on as possible! I can’t wait to see my students grow and flourish as they finish out the year! A more personal goal to maintain a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of my life. I want to get to the gym before I report to school because when I get home, I’m so beat I don’t want to do anything lol. I have to be to school at 8:15 so I am making it my goal to wake up at 5:45 or 6 and get to the gym. I know how good it will make me feel and it will help me wake up and be ready to go!

I hope you enjoy this journey with me. I got some requests for student teaching/ work outfit ideas. I love this and plan on shooting it soon! Let me know what else you girls want to see on my blog!!! Thanks for all the love and support! Today I am giving away a Love Your Melon beanie on my insta so stay tuned for that my loves. Make it a great week, stay focused and motivated, you got this!!!!!!!


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