Easy Summer Makeup

Hi y’all! So excited to share some fun summer products with you. This is my go to summer look when I don’t want to wear much makeup but still feel put together. There is nothing worse than being out in the sun and feeling your makeup start to slide and melt off of your face, ew! I hate when I can actually feel my makeup on my skin so I always try to keep the layers of foundations and powders pretty thin. I have found a few products that look natural and are pretty light. Here is my routine.


The first step to my simple summer makeup is the Eborian BB cream. I like using a bb cream as a nice base for the rest of my makeup. I love this one because it gives you great color and medium coverage but is so light!! It also dries matte and stays all day. Another great bb cream is the Dr. Jart BB cream, but if you’re looking for something very simple, you could opt for the Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi sunshine serum. I love this serum because it’s just skincare with a tint, so it’s actually good for your skin. Finding a good BB cream is key to easy, natural looking makeup. You want to make sure your skin doesn’t look cakey and thick, ew! I warm my BB cream up between my fingers and apply in circular motions. I actually love using my fingers to apply my makeup, first because it’s easy and secondly because the warmth of your fingers helps the makeup blend into your skin much better than using a sponge or brush. 


Once you’ve got your base, the next step is to conceal. This is my favorite step because yo girl has got some major under bags!!! The elf camo concealer is the BEST. It dries down to almost a powder finish so you don’t have to set it! I love that I don’t need to set it because my secret to a natural look is to use the least amount of powders as possible. I have two shades, a lighter one to brighten up my under eye, and a shade that matches my BB cream to spot concealer and imperfections that may still be peaking through. I blend the concealer under my eye with my fingers but go in with my brush for spot concealing. I go very lightly with the Morphie M439 brush in a stippling motion. 


I let my concealer set for a minute then go in with bronzer. I use my two favorites that I’ve talked about so many times! The Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer and the Milani Bakes Bronzer in the color glow. I go in the shape of a 3 from my forehead, to my cheekbone, then to the jawline. This is the most natural way to apply bronzer because it mimics the way the sun would naturally hit your face. Some of you might be asking “How can you apply bronzer without setting your face?” I know… this is usually something I never do, I always set my makeup before bronzing. But this combo just works very well together and it doesn’t look patchy! and like it said, the less powder, the more natural you will look. 


The final step to my face makeup is a little bit of blush. Of course I am using the Milani Baked blush in Luminoso. This is such a beautiful blush, the color is perfect and it gives a beautiful glow. A trick I have learned with blush is to put it a little higher on your face. I’m sure when you were just getting into makeup, someone told you to smile and put the blush on the apples of your cheeks. The thing is, your’e not smiling like that all day long and when you’re not, the blush is going to make your face look dragged down because it is farther on your cheekbones. You should always apply your makeup with your face resting in its natural state. 


Hang tight, we are almost done! Now onto the brows!! This is actually the easiest step for me. I have naturally pretty thick and dark brows so all I have to do is use a brow mascara to hold these suckers in place. The only thing I EVER use on my brows in the Essence brow mascara, its only $2.99 holla!!! Brush in upward motions and you’re all set! 


Next I go in with some very natural eye shadow, well I actually don’t use any eye shadow and I haven’t for years! I love using bronzer in the crease and highlighter on the lid. Seriously, I have found that this looks way better then any eye shadow I’ve ever used. I put the Milani bronzer I mentioned above in my crease with with a fluffy crease brush. Next, I will mix the first two shades in the Milani Stellar lights highlighting pallet for my crease, I will also add some in the corner of my eye, the bridge of my nose, and my cupids bow. 


The final step to the eyes is the Essence fake lash mascara! I’m not sure why this mascara isn’t talked about more because it’s AMAZING. Did I mention it’s only $5????? It’s my holy grail mascara and I’ve got so many girls addicted to it. I go in with about two coats and its actual perfection! 


Yay you made it to the final step! To complete this look, I apply my favorite lipstick and I have a trick to apply it. I use the Flower Beauty lipstick in the shade “bare pout.” Instead of applying it like usual, I will pat it on my lips then lighting rub it in with my finger. It makes your lips look pouty and natural. Muah!!! 

And that’s it! It may seem like a lot of steps but its very simple and quick! I can usually do this makeup in about 5 minutes. I hope this inspired you to simplify your routine for summer and taught you a few tips! Shop everything below!!

A little life update for you! As I mentioned in my What I Learned in College blog, I was actively searching for a teaching job. Now job searching, applying, and interviewing can be very stressful. I kept and an open mind and a positive attitude about my future when a lot of the people in my life were freaking out that I didn’t have a job yet. And what do ya know, an amazing opportunity fell perfectly in my lap. I accepted a full-time nanny position for the best family. Of course, it is not all about the money but the nanny job will support me better financially than any first-year teaching job ever would. I am so incredibly blessed for this opportunity and cannot wait to start! I still will be teaching English classes online to my cute little Chinese students! In the end, you always have to do what you love! I love spending time and working with children so I could not be happier!


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