WTF 2020

What has really been going on…..2020 is here and to be honest with you, has been off to a very shaky start. I am going through some major changes and taking things day by day. My life has quite literally been a mess. One of my goals in 2020 is […]

Holiday Gift Guides 2019

Holiday shopping is in full swing here at Liv’s Life! I’ve had so much fun putting these gift guides together for you and cant wait to make more! DM me on Instagram if you have a certain category you would like to see! Happy Christmas shopping!!!

Confidence 101

Hello beautiful! I hope you are having a wonderful day. Today I am going to be talking about something a little out of my comfort zone that I felt very called to share. That my friend is confidence. Confidence is something we all strive for. We want to feel empowered, […]

What I Learned in College

I still can’t believe I actually graduated college!! It is finally starting to settle in that my college career is officially over. I am very eager and excited to enter the next chapter in my life because I know bigger and better things are headed my way. But I can’t […]

How I Edit My Instagram Photos!

I get sooo many DM’s asking how I edit my pictures to get that coveted, cohesive, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. Well, I am here on this chilly Thursday to spill allll my secrets, tips, and tricks with you! This is my second day off of student teaching this week due […]

My First Week of Student Teaching!

Where do I even begin?! It was a whirlwind of nervous yet excited feelings! My first week of student teaching went as smoothly as it possibly could have. I am placed in a first grade classroom with 25 cute kiddos! My University sets up their program different from other Universities […]

2019 Resolutions

As 2018 comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on the many great things that happened over the past year. I have grown so much and became capable of things I never imagined I could do. I worked my ass off and paid for a vacation to Italy on my […]

My Trip to Rome!

Now that the semester and Christmas are over, I finally have time to put together this post and I’m SO EXCITED! Over Thanksgiving break, I had the chance to visit my sister who was studying abroad in Rome. We had the most amazing time and it was such an incredible […]